Employee Engagement Communications

Have you ever asked yourself how authentic and believable your internal communications are?

Effective communications are at the heart of any successful organisational or cultural change and also underpin any crisis that may arise.

It starts with educating and involving your own people, gaining buy-in and encouraging them to help shape and be part of the change. From this strong basis, you can move confidently forward with any external communications with stakeholders.

Our approach to internal communications begins with careful, insightful mapping of key stakeholders and issues and includes agreeing project outcomes, providing messaging, scheduling and measurement. Great communications lie at the heart of successful mergers, acquisitions and divestments.

The same also applies to new business initiatives or to simply communicating and gaining engagement from employees for your business strategy. When business productivity is linked to employee engagement, the importance of effective internal communications has never been more critical to success.

For these situations and many others, our experience in creating effective, consistent communications with key audiences is tried and tested.

Our services include:

  • Communications for mergers, acquisitions and divestments

  • Change management programmes

  • Business performance updates

  • Leadership engagement programmes

  • Departmental communication plans and projects

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