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Gaining buy-in from your internal activists.

We’re VERY passionate about this aspect of corporate communications. Get it right internally and it signals strong foundations for your external communications.

In our experience, complex organisations aren’t always the largest; sometimes the intricate inner workings of small to medium businesses can just as easily cause blindness to the positive effects of clarity, simplicity and open, honest two-way communication. When business productivity is linked to employee engagement, the importance of all-inclusive internal communications has never been clearer.

Have you ever asked yourself how authentic and believable your internal communications are?

New business critical initiatives may be technically brilliant but can often fall at the first hurdle without proper internal consultation and involvement of all the affected levels of the business.

Whether you are communicating a significant business change, legislative or compliance changes or positive or negative news – taking a professional approach will always enhance your internal and external reputation.

The traditional ‘top down’ hierarchical approach to internal communications has floundered in the face of pervasive social media which increasingly dominates the corporate landscape.

Information sources are quickly and easily available to employees who now ‘ self-serve’ causing many organisations to find themselves faced with a rethink of their approach to effective employee communications.

We have extensive experience within both small and large organisations of delivering effective employee communications including long and short term projects and programmes. From strategy to tactics, we get to know your business fast and hit the ground running to make a positive impact on your team.

In this we include:

  • Employee comms & engagement training
  • Change management communication programmes
  • Identification and delivery of appropriate channels and programmes
  • Company conferences, employee road shows, family day events
  • Internal social media planning and policies
  • Departmental communication plans
  • Internal acquisition and divestment communications
  • Business performance updates

Want to get more out of your team? Our service offer also comprises expert leadership development and coaching to help your people become confident enough to act upon their learning and develop and evolve their skills – ask us for more information.

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