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A thought-provoking read, Feel Good. Do Good. Work. is for leaders who care about what motivates their teams and for everyone who realises that it’s time to step back and reflect on our place in the scheme of things.

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Improved healthcare is driving longevity.  The lines between work and our personal lives are increasingly blurring. Longer living requires us to be in peak mental and physical health in order to earn for longer to fund and manage it.

A longer life also affords great opportunities to live with purpose and contribute to society and the communities in which we live and work.

If we depend on our job, shouldn’t we also experience a greater degree of connectedness with it, bringing our whole selves to work with authenticity and commitment? Are you clear as to your purpose in life?

Do you often wonder, whether with the right employer, it’s possible to be so closely aligned, that being highly engaged at work becomes a natural consequence? And as a leader, do you wonder what it is that causes team members to stay or go?

Feel Good. Do Good. Work. explores how your physical and mental wellbeing is grounded in social purpose, values, resilience and belonging and influences the degree to which you feel engaged with your job role and your life’s purpose.

This is a resource that you can dip into on the go and allows you to reflect on how you feel about your job, yourself and your employer. It is also written for leaders who care about what motivates their teams.

It’s packed with humorous illustrations, short exercises and lots of insights into engagement and wellbeing provided by Greggs plc, MCS Group Ltd, a third party clothing and food retailer, Adnams plc, Vaultex UK Ltd, Parkinsons UK, Highways England Company Ltd, The Care Quality Commission and Stevens Scown LLP.

Our book is nearly here!

10% of book proceeds will be donated to charitable causes chosen by Kelly and Annette.
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